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Kibbutz Harduf was founded in 1982 on a hill overlooking the Zippori stream and Ein Yivka spring in the lower Galilee, within the jurisdiction of the Yezreel Valley (Emek Yizrael) local council, by a group of young people and families, who wished to build a new Kibbutz-like community based on a new spirit inspired by Anthroposophy or Spiritual Science given by Rudolf Steiner at the beginning of the 20th century, which has since then been the source of inspiration for the renewal of a unique approach to varied educational, artistic, therapeutic, social and agricultural activity all over the world.  

Over the years there developed in Harduf a varied activity in the areas of education, social therapy and rehabilitation, medicine, arts, agriculture and organic food. Harduf's current population consists of ca. 600 people, of which about 150 are people and children with special needs, who live in the four rehabilitative homes operating in the Kibbutz.

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About Harduf

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